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We have a full time nanny at home
We use a sitter maybe once per month
We use a sitter 3-4 times per month
We have never left our kids with a sitter before
8) Our Sitter was pleasant, represented well and in accordance with her profile and instantly established a rapport with us and the children. We were very comfortable in leaving.
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The Sitter was late
The Sitter arrived comfortably on time - 10 mins
Booking process simple and professional
We found sufficient information online
We read and understood terms and conditions
Hotel concierge had the answers we needed.
We did receive timely booking confirmation.
Pricing was of good value.
We thought the pricing expensive.
The Sitter was too young and inexperienced.
Our Sitter was too old and could not relate.
Sitter spent too much time on smart phone.
Sitter responded to our emails / texts.
We felt comfortable enough to return a little late
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"I can not thank you enough for providing us the opportunity to truly have a relaxing vacation!! We were able to leave in the evenings knowing that our 4 month old was in incredibly dedicated, experienced and loving hands! Tatyana is just amazing and our baby fell in love with her! She did everything she could to ensure he was happy and felt secure in a new place. She was extremely up beat and optimistic and he smiled and laughed with her more than I have ever seen. Please let her know how much we appreciate all of her time and effort!!" 

F. Betts, Paget, Bermuda
"Working with Linda has been an absolute pleasure - we credit her with the success of our trip!  Our son has never taken to a caregiver as quickly and seamlessly as he did to her.  We are truly sad that we will not see her again tomorrow!"

E. Saunders, Washington DC
"We had Michelle for for 3 days at the Fairmont Southampton and she was absolutely fantastic.  She was extremely kind and excellent with our 2 year old little boy.  My husband raved about Michelle to other families.  She made our vacation even better.  We would highly recommend her again."

A. Steinbach, Louisville, KY
"We loved our sitters (Alicia & Linda)!!  They were both very attentive and caring and our daughter, who does not easily take to someone she doesn't know, really did well with them.  We would recommend Care@Home to anyone!!  Thank you!"
"Taylor was energetic, quickly developed a rapport with our daughter, was professional and kept in touch with us."

M. Ritz, Washington DC
"Patrice was wonderful! I really liked that she took notes about the kids and gave us a full update when we got home.  Thanks for a great experience!  That was the first time James was left with a non-family member and he did great."

M. Brown, San Francisco, CA
"The sitter assigned to us was Jahni Pearman.  She arrived timely, was very friendly.  She cleaned up the room after the kids slept in.  We had the feeling she was both reliable and also fun with the kids.  She had set up a very good connection to the kids and we could leave the room without any problems.  Thank you!"

D. Stangle, Boston, MA