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My need is / was:
Good response time to my initial inquiry
Found the website useful in understanding services
Professional, timely, responsive followup
Found price schedule generally reasonable
Found the service to be expensive relatively
Please explain the main drivers for your use of our service or your decision not to use our services
CAHS understood well my needs and requirements
I relied on the expertise and experience of CARE
Received at least 3 resumes of qualified nannies
CARE clearly knew well each candidate presented
I decided to use the service
I decided not to use the service
My caregiver / housekeeper is / was:
We found our Caregiver (Nanny and/or Housekeeper) to be (check all that apply):
Very passionate about her work
Obviously loves children
A good housekeeper
Received and acted on our instructions always
Was an excellent cook and was always keen to do so
Talked / texted on her smartphone excessively
Was a keen communicator with us throughout the day
Spoke fluent English - very easy to understand
Sometimes difficult to understand
I would not use her again, though I would use Care
Easily established a repertoire with our kids
Was always suitably attired
Proved to be a good, careful driver
We had no need for her to drive
Was creative and good at engaging the kids
The kids love / loved her!
Was obviously well trained and experienced
Always cheerful. Consistency of personality.
Travelled with us at times
Lived in during her engagement
Lived out during her engagement
Part Time
Full Time
Respectful of my home & family and my parenting
Is okay with my pets. Obviously likes animals
Housekeeping Quality:
Better than excellent
I'm on the verge of changing Housekeeping services
My housekeeper is thorough and consistent
I can always tell when there has been a change
My housekeeping takes too many liberties
Pretty good, I've had worse
I prefer a team of 2 - to finish quicker
I prefer a single consistent lady attend to me
On a scale A-F (where A is Excellent), I rate the service:
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I'd comfortably recommend Care@Home Services to my friends and colleagues:
Yes, most definitely
Yes, with minor reservation
I don't think so
Hell no!
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