Visiting Bermuda?
Staying at The Fairmont?
And you have your kids with you?
No worries.  All is not lost!   As the exclusive provider of childcare services to the  Fairmont, we offer the opportunity for you to truly appreciate all that Bermuda has to offer!   Whether you want a child free day to relax by the pool, enjoy a more exotic island exploration or to simply enjoy a leisurely stroll on the most beautiful beach on earth, we will make sure your most treasured assets are well cared for and equally enjoying their Bermuda vacation!     
Given an exemplary cadre of fully qualified Nannies on staff, our Nannies & BabySitters will provide the highest degree of care - for newborn to teenagers.   In room or out and about experiences, such as visits to the best island attractions, a movie at the local cinema or an arts class at the local gallery!     You tell us about the experience you want for your children and we will do the rest. Our Carers are all superbly credentialed, reliable & trustworthy and most importantly, passionate about little people!   Holding relevant First Aid certifications, blemish free records with at least 2 years of childcare experience, and an absolute "can do" attitude, feel comfortable that your children will be well cared for.   
Tell us how we can support by completing the online booking form below after reading the Terms & Conditions at the bottom of this page.  

Please note that we accept a 50% deposit to confirm a booking to be confirmed to Master or Visa Card only.   Regrettably, we cannot accept American Express. 

Care@Fairmont Online Booking
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 Confirmation of Booking
  • You will receive a  confirmation via email within 2 hours of this booking, detailing date, time, cost & the assigned Carer
  • If you have any questions, please call the office at 295 2271 during normal business hours and 591 2271 or 591 2273 at any other time relevant to your booking.
  • The Fairmont Concierge desk will receive a full reporting of bookings each day by 5:00pm.
Terms & Conditions
  • Minimum 3 hours per sitting
  • Maximum 3 children per Sitter where hourly rate includes up to 2 children, the third attracts a surcharge of $5 per hour
  • Available days, evenings & weekends, Sundays at regular rate;    Public Holidays & After Midnight at 1.50X regular rate.
  • For engagements of 6+ hours, the Carer will be provided with a meal on guest's account where the value will not exceed $30.00.  
  • Where the engagement finishes at 11:00pm or later, a $20.00 surcharge will be charged to the bill.
  • Full fees are due and payable prior to the Engagement and will be charged to the card on file or collected in cash. 
Payment & Cancellation Policy
  • Payment for services will be processed on the day of the booking where service is < 3 days away.
  • We accept MasterCard or Visa charge cards only. 
  • Where a guest is off island at time of booking, 50% of booking will be charged at booking and the remainder at service. 
  • Where 24 hr notice of a cancellation is provided, there will be no charge for services previously booked. 
  • Cancellation on the same day of booking is subject to 50% penalty.
  • All engagements are subject to a 3 hour minimum charge and where a client returns early (using less hours than booked) a maximum of 1 hour will be credit will be processed.
Care Gratuity

Please note: the hourly rate to be charged does not include a gratuity.   Please consider the gratuity discretionary and a reflection of the care you have received.   Should you wish to give a gratuity to your select Carer, we encourage you to make the gift directly.   Thank you! 


After service, please go to our "How did we do? page to give us your feedback - the good, the bad and the ugly!   We strive to consistently deliver at a level far exceeding your expectations to ensure you enjoy a fantastic Bermuda experience child free.